Minhofumeiro, Hand-made Sausages
Lugar do Carvalho - Correlhã
4990-295 Ponte de Lima
telef: +351 258742421
fax: +351 258743932

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Minhofumeiro is already a reference brand in the Portuguese market. Our products are sold all over the country’s inland, as well as Azores and Madeira islands.

Our products can also be found in hyper and supermarkets both large and small retail. They can also be found in delicatessen shops, traditional commerce and also in some renowned restaurants (with more evidence in the Minho region).

Our products already surpassed the borders and they are represented in the international market. Currently we export to France, Belgium, Andorra and Angola. In these countries we have a small market niche, which is loyal to our brand Minhofumeiro.

Through this link you can also access our products and may acquire them directly from your home.