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The first factory comes out in 1993 after years of thriving and constant growing business. The factory is the beginning of a new cycle and also the origin of Minhofumeiro - Enchidos e Fumados à Moda de Ponte de Lima (Minhofumeiro - stuffed and smoked sausages in Ponte de Lima’s style. Always faithful to the handmade production process, to the demanding selection criteria of ingredients and natural raw materials - Minhofumeiro has seen, since the beginning, the quality of its products recognised. Therefore, it obtained in 2005 the Quality Certification – ISO 22000 by APCER- being the first Portuguese company in the sector to obtain such certification. Other companies followed Minhofumeiro, stressing the excellence that guides it in the production of its famous traditional delicacies, holding the health mark and identification PT DTR 27 EC, which guarantees production with a seal of quality, under the tutelage of Community rules.

Taste of Tradition