Amaya Guterres

The ‘Alheira de Vitela’ (‘Veal Alheira’) and the ‘Farinheira de Presunto e Azeitonas’ (‘Gammon and Olive Farinheira’) were the protagonists of a challenge launched by Minhofumeiro and led by the young and dynamic Chef Amaya Guterres.
The purpose: Make simple and tasty recipes.
The guests: The actors of the famous Portuguese TV series ‘Morangos com Açúcar’
The rule of the game: Very simple. Everyone had to get their hands dirty!

Try the recipes and delight yourself in the result!

Guest comments:

“I think this product is amazing (Alheira de Vitela), this way I can now eat a good ‘alheira’ without worrying about excess fat”.

Angélico Vieira


“What surprised me the most were the flavours of the low-fat and low salt sausages.”

Paulo Vintém.