Turkey Leg:
1 complete turkey thigh with about 1200g
100g frozen cooked chestnuts
40g onion
2cl olive oil
2 chopped garlic cloves
4g chopped parsley
20g raisins
50g minced ‘Salpicão Serra D’Arga’
50g minced Smoked Belly
50g minced Meat Sausage
1cl Port wine
20g Heather honey
Salt and black pepper as needed

400g red cabbage
300g Golden apples
2dl red wine
1cl red Port wine
1 cinnamon stick


Turkey Leg:
Braise the chopped onion, the garlic and the olive oil, the raisins and the chestnuts cut into pieces. Let it brown very well. Add the minced Meat Sausage, Smoked Belly and ‘Salpicão Serra D’Arga’ to the preparation, let it braise a little and stir well. Then remove from heat and add the chopped parsley, season with salt and black pepper to taste. In the meantime, open the turkey thigh and remove the bone lengthwise. Stuff the thigh with the Minhofumeiro® Traditional Sausage preparation (previous) and cook with kitchen thread. Put the turkey thigh in a pan with very hot olive oil until it gains some colour. Once it has gained some colour, put it on a baking tray and bake at 150ºC for one hour. In the meantime, prepare the puree.

Puree of red cabbage with apples:
In a pan add the red cabbage cut into very thin strips, the diced apple, the cinnamon stick, the red wine and the Port wine. Let it cook very slowly until the apple disappears and everything looks like a creamy puree. At the time of serving place the puree in the bottom of a platter and arrange the (previously brushed with Heather honey) turkey thigh on top.


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